Useful Other Items

While frequently not covered by insurance, you may consider purchasing one or more of the following items that some patients have found helpful in their recovery. These often represent out of pocket expense. Dr. Taylor has NO financial interests in any of the following.

  • Ice Machines: Icing is very important and helps reduce inflammation and improve pain control. You may wish to purchase one of the commercially available ice machines (GameReady®, AirCast®, Cothera®, etc.). These are rarely covered by insurance, so they may represent out of pocket costs (typically $225-$350). Most patients who purchase one of these ice machines are very happy with their investment. One of the HSS vendors will reach out to you prior to surgery.
  • Mobilegs Crutches: If you will be required to use crutches for a prolonged period of time, you may consider purchasing Mobilegs crutches which are lighter, more comfortable, and more ergonomic than standard crutches. The average cost is around $130.
  • Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin D and Calcium have been shown to help bone healing and some soft tissue healing. Dr. Taylor recommends that you take in 1,500 miligrams of Calcium per day and 400-800 IU of Vitamin D every day. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Please check with the pharmacist for brand recommendations.
  • Nutritional Supplements: You may consider adding a nutritional supplement such as Carnation Instant Breakfast, Muscle Milk, Ensure, or Boost if your appetite is decreased to ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition.
  • Scar Reduction: There are many compounds designed to minimize scar formation after surgery. Mederma® may help reduce the size, soften the texture, and improve the color of post-surgical scar. More information can be found at It is also important to remember to use high-SPF sunblock on the scar during the first 6-12 months following surgery to prevent scar discoloration.
  • Viscosupplementation: Also called “lubricating” injections, have been shown to relieve pain in some patients with arthritis of the knee. These can be expensive, averaging from $400 – $1500 per series. While not approved by insurance, some patients with shoulder arthritis may also experience significant relief. For more information see the link for “viscosupplementation”.
  • NMES Quadriceps Stimulators: These devices offer electrical stimulation to generate coordinated quadriceps contractions. They aid in re-education of the quadriceps muscle and minimize quadriceps atrophy to accelerate recovery following knee surgery. The out of pocket costs can be substantial.
  • Bone Stimulator: May be helpful for bony procedures such as corrective osteotomies or fracture fixation. Many companies have versions of bone stimulators. For more information please inquire with Dr. Taylor’s office.
  • Special Physical Therapy Evaluations: The HSS Rehabilitation Department and many other physical therapy groups offer specialized evaluations for return-to-play after injury and sport specific evaluations such as running, golf, and throwing. These evaluations may be helpful in recognizing specific deficits to help you and your therapist better guide care. These evaluations are typically NOT covered by insurance providers. If you are interested please inquire with our office or your physical therapist.