Chronic Pain Management

Your pain control is important to us, and we will make every effort to make you comfortable throughout the recovery process. Patients with chronic narcotic needs may be referred to a pain management specialist for their clinical expertise. A board certified specialist in pain management can optimize your pain control during both the day and at night using special medications and narcotic doses that Dr. Taylor does not prescribe. We can refer you to specialists here at HSS to help you with this. All patients are assessed on an individual basis.



  • Taylor may give non-surgical patients who have chronic pain issues a narcotic prescription for one time only with no refills if clinically appropriate.
  • Patients who need continued or long-term narcotic medications for non-surgical problems may be referred to a non-surgeon physician or pain management specialist for further care.



  • Patients with complex chronic pain issues prior to surgery often have unique post-operative pain needs.
  • Please ask your current pain management specialist to fax us a letter indicating their recommendations for postoperative pain management.



  • Most patients require less pain medication as they recover from surgery. Extended or increasing need for post-operative pain medications may warrant a referral to a pain management specialist.
  • A pain management specialist can assess needs and carefully formulate a comprehensive plan to help control pain, minimize medication side effects, and ensure a better recovery.



For a list of pain management specialists at Hospital for Special Surgery please visit the HSS website and select “find a physician” and then “pain management.”