Suture Removal

During your first postoperative visit with Dr. Taylor, sutures will be removed (if necessary) and steri-strips will be applied to your incision(s).

  • DO NOT remove steri-strips, they will fall off on their own over the ensuing two weeks. As they begin to peel off, the edges curl upward. You can trim these loose edges if they are a problem, but please do not pull them off.
  • You may shower (get incisions wet) 48 hours after your sutures have been removed. You can get the steri-strips wet at this time. After showering, simply pat your surgical site dry.
  • Once your steri-strips have fallen off you do not need to reapply more.
  • Slight bleeding after suture removal is normal.
  • If you have fluid leakage, bleeding that does not stop, redness, or the wound opens up, please contact us.