Principal Software Architect

Position Summary: Our company is small, skilled, and nimble. You will be integral to the design and creation of client-focused software for clinical trials, research labs, and diagnostic companies. You’ll have the unique opportunity to mentor a team of programmers and invent cool software. We take our commitments to our customers seriously, but are also committed to a lively, collaborative, and fun environment.

Experience: 7 years of experience with senior-level design capabilities using modern technologies

Training and Education: College diploma in CS/Engineering/Sciences or equivalent experience

Skill Set:

  • Java, JavaScript, Linux, and server management
  • Bonus points for C, C#, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, .NET, Google Web Toolkit
  • Able to organize and maintain flexibility
  • Comfortable presenting to both large and small audiences in person and remotely
  • Experienced in modeling data in RDBMS environments
  • Must be able to stay sane during sales meetings, marketing meetings, software design meetings, and daily SCRUM
  • Demonstrated professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Working knowledge of statistical analysis, including data reduction
  • Extra bonus points for expertise in molecular biology, genomics, translational science, and personalized medicine

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in design of new, customer-focused sample tracking software
  • Provide support and guidance for entry-level and intermediate-level programmers
  • Design R&D prototyping
  • Lead design collaborations with teams of end-users (lab techs, clinical-trial coordinators), as well as in-house programmers, product managers, and testers
  • Tailor existing modern code base to meet customer’s unique needs

Light travel (up to 10%) may be required.