Tips to Avoid Tommy John Injuries

Keep their elbow out of the OR… Only a few weeks into the 2015 MLB preseason and players have already succumbed to ulnar collateral ligament (UCL)injuries. The surgery to reconstruct the UCL named after Tommy John, who produced a 3.1 ERA over many seasons following this surgery. The increasing number of Tommy John surgeries occurring…


In this week’s installment of Ask the Expert, Drs.Samuel Taylor & Stephen J. O’Brien, discuss biceps tendinitis. Popeye’s Problem… Cartoons depicting Popeye’s bulging biceps after he guzzled down a can of spinach only told half the story. Unfortunately, our favorite sailor went on to develop intense pain in the front of his shoulders as the…

Overuse Among Youth Throwers : My son takes Advil before he pitches

Pain in the shoulder and/or elbow is NOT normal for adolescent throwing athletes and is usually a sign that something is wrong. Why does the arm hurt, you ask? While the answer is occasionally complex, most commonly it’s quite simple: OVERUSE and IMBALANCE. Today, kids are playing baseball year-round, playing on multiple teams, and participating…


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